Breastfeeding Spport


For lactation support please call

772-567-4311 ext 1278

As you prepare for your new arrival rest assured that you will receive a visit from our lactation team that is stationed at the hospital. Our goal is to see 100% that deliver moms at Cleveland Clinic in Indian River County. If you have any trouble breastfeeding during your hospital stay ask your nurse to call Healthy Start Lactation Counselors into the room. We look forward serving you when the big day comes!

Babies and Beyond believes in the importance of mothers coming together to share their experiences and learn from each other! This weekly group is a great place to ask questions and get some hands on help. We provide anticipatory advice and encourage mothers to share their experiences with each other. Come by with your baby to share and ask your questions, we are always interested! 

Let’s discuss and practice the fundamentals of getting breastfeeding off to a great start! A great class to learn all about breastfeeding and responding to your baby’s cues. Discover some great local resources and even practice with some baby dolls … It’s fun and full of information. A must do!

Let’s overcome obstacles, prepare for going back to work, and learn about pumping. We are here to help you succeed! Discover some great local resources and get the support you need. 

“I would have been lost in the first days of my firstborn’s birth
without the guiding care and personal support of Healthy Start.”

Mandy, Mom of 2

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