Babies and beyond, IRC Healthy Start Coalition is here to help you now that your little one is here and home. Our Healthy Start Nurse will be coming to your bedside to arrange an appointment for your home visit. This is a new program and something that every mother in Indian River County receives as part of their care. When the nurse comes to your home, she will be there to answer any question you have and will do a well-check on the baby and you.

Feeling blue and don’t know what to do? Tired mommies can feel stressed and overwhelmed. Call us, we’re here to answer any questions, provide support and give you confidence to be the best parent you can be.

After you have that first few weeks under your belt and are looking for activities, Healthy Start has many collaborative partners that offer play groups. These groups are a great way to get peer support from other caregivers as well as learn strategies to help build your baby’s brain.


“Help without judgement. It was such a relief to have a place to turn
when I was overwhelmed during pregnancy. “

Sarah, Mom of 3


Available to Indian River County Residents

Let’s discuss and practice the fundamentals of getting breastfeeding off to a great start! A great class to learn all about breastfeeding and responding to your baby’s cues. Discover some great local resources and even practice with some baby dolls … It’s fun and full of information. A must do! 

Let’s overcome obstacles, prepare for going back to work, and learn about pumping. We are here to help you succeed! Discover some great local resources and get the support you need. 

Local Breastfeeding and Pumping Resources


BABIES AND BEYOND (formerly TLC NEWBORN): (772) 563-4311, ext. 1277 and 1278.  Certified lactation counselors provide free education, consultation, and support to all breastfeeding families during pregnancy and after the baby is born.  Services are offered in English and Spanish.

BREASTFEEDING HAPPY HOUR:  (772) 563-9118, ext. 115.  A great place to come together with other mothers, ask questions, and get some hands on help.  Facilitated by Linda Roberts, IBCLC. Call for details.

WIC SUPPLEMENTAL NUTRITION PROGRAM: (772) 794-7430 Provides breastfeeding education, support, and consultation.

LALECHE LEAGUE (LLL) OF INDIAN RIVER COUNTY: (402) 770-5867, or  LLL provides Mother-to-Mother support via monthly meetings, web based, and phone help.


WIC: (772) 794-7430 Call local WIC office for assistance with breastfeeding and pumping.
1900 27th Street, Vero Beach, FL 32960

INSURANCE PROVIDERS: Call your insurance company or Medicaid provider to inquire about provision of breast pumps. Many insurance companies will provide a breast pump free of charge as part of their benefits.



General Breastfeeding Websites


Healthy Start does not necessarily endorse the above websites, but provides them as generally reputable site for a resource.

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